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  1. Marcus Gibson

    Dear Sirs,
    I’m the younger son of Dr Ronald Gibson, a London cardiologist who was the heart physician who treated Mr El Atrache in Lebanon and in the UK. I travelled in the early 1960s as a boy all around the Middle East, including Beirut. I can just remember meeting Mr El Atrache in the Coral Beach Hotel.

    I was curious whether there are any members of the El Atrache family still alive who remember the link the Gibson family had over the years with Farid?

    If so, I’d be delighted to be in touch with them. I am currently writing a biography of my father’s medical career. He was the cardiologist to many well-known personalities, ministers and crowned heads of state in the Middle East.

    Kind regards,

    Marcus Gibson

    1. Khaled Al Kammar

      I find this really interesting! Would you please share with us your memories with Mr. El Atrache? if you have any.


  2. Dominique pipard

    Je voudrai avoir les textes des chansons en français car nous lisons ce compositeur à la prison de Fleury merogis

  3. نايف

    اريد الحصوال علي كاسيت وسي دي للفنان فريد الاطرش النسخه الاصليه وين احصل عليه من فضلكم


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