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Wayak Live – Farid El Atrache – وياك حفلة – فريد الأطرش – Lyrics & Translation

An awesome video provided by “Farid HQ” YouTube channel.

I can safely say that this has to be one of the most beautiful live performances ever by any singer around the world, really without exaggerating. It’s worth listening to it whether you are a singer, a musician, or just a music lover.

The vocal embellishments that Farid does along the song, the improvisations and the modulations through different modes and scales, and all the other beautiful details, are simply out of this world.

Farid singing Sitt el Habayeb

In the Arab world, Mother’s Day is celebrated today, March 21 which is the spring equinox. Listen to Farid El Atrache singing Fayza Ahmad’s song Sitt el Habayeb ست الحبايب (composed by Abdel Wahab) during a radio interview.