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I Funny Farid El Atrache and Nour el Houdawill be looking for administrators of this website soon. So if you think you may have some time on you and if you’re a big fan of Farid, you may contact me or just leave a comment below this post.  Once there is some good content on the website, I’ll probably assign different people to write on the blog and manage the content.


12 thoughts on “Looking for admins

  1. Dalal Yacoub towpasz


    My name is Dalal Yacoub born in Alexandria Egypt and currently live in Santa Barabara, Ca
    I happen to read your message that you are looking for admins for this page.

    As much as I would love to contribute I would like you to know that I have never been an admin on any social media before. However, having said that.. I do have free time, and I would be completely committed in helping you.

    I am a huge fan of Farid and his family.
    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.



    1. Carlo

      I don’t know anyone on this website…however, I am also a huge fan of Farid. I grew up playing Farid’s compositions on piano growing up. I live in LA and if anyone is interesting in discussing or playing Farid’s music, let me know…I’m also social media savvy but mostly looking for musicians for an upcoming project I am currently involved in regarding the music of Abdel Wahab, Farid Al Atrache and Abdel Halim.


  2. Zizette

    Hello yes I will consecrate time for the website of Fareed el Atrash, I have known him personally in his night performances in Aley, Lebanon.
    My husband and I are big fans of him and my husband works to revive his work and make people appreciate his work through infusing new and fresh technics.
    maybe you would like to listen to some of his works on youtube
    this was a night performance:

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