Farid El Atrache Website is going back online!

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After going offline for more than 12 years, Farid-el-atrache.com is going to be back online soon. Farid-el-Atrache.com was initally launched in 1998. After a short while, it became an extremely popular website with hundreds of regular fans coming back to visit it everyday. It was featured several times on TV and in newspapers and at some point it was one of the most visited arabic websites on the internet.

After many years of success, maintaining the website became an overwhelming daily task requiring a huge amount of my time. With the intention of making it a better website, I decided to put it offline for a short while, while I re-program it, but then the opportunity to bring it back online never arose. Now I’m planning to make things simple by bringing it back online as a blog, which should be easy to update on a regular basis.

…I will see you soon Farid’s fans.

Farid-el-Atrache.com Old Website


9 thoughts on “Farid El Atrache Website is going back online!

  1. Ghassan Mounib Jurdi

    I would like to build up with and post all his movies and concert videos which I do have it and all the pictures classic and color pictures .

  2. Rob Wickline

    Hi. I am a musician, composer, and producer. I sampled one of my favorite Farid songs, and would like to see if I can find the owner of it’s copyright to discuss my intentions and to hopefully get permission to use the sample.

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