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  1. Marcus Gibson

    Dear Sirs,
    I’m the younger son of Dr Ronald Gibson, a London cardiologist who was the heart physician who treated Mr El Atrache in Lebanon and in the UK. I travelled in the early 1960s as a boy all around the Middle East, including Beirut. I can just remember meeting Mr El Atrache in the Coral Beach Hotel.

    I was curious whether there are any members of the El Atrache family still alive who remember the link the Gibson family had over the years with Farid?

    If so, I’d be delighted to be in touch with them. I am currently writing a biography of my father’s medical career. He was the cardiologist to many well-known personalities, ministers and crowned heads of state in the Middle East.

    Kind regards,

    Marcus Gibson

    1. Ersin

      sevgili Marcus Gibson,

      Ben Türkiye’den Ersin, yaptığım araştırmalarda ulaşabildiklerim kadarı ile Farid El Atrache’ın babamın dayısı olduğuna dair ciddi kanıtlara ulaştım, sizin kendi soyunuzu araştırdığınız herhangi bir belge ve soy belgesi var mı ? var ise benimle paylaşır mısınız.

      Sevgili Admin,
      Farid El Atrache ile ilgili daha derin soy bilgilerine nereden ve nasıl ulaşacağıma dair beni bilgilendirmenizi çok isterim, bu konuda benimde sizlere yapabileceğim katkılar olursa sevinirim

      iyi çalışmalar

    2. Johann

      Apologies I’ve just noticed your message. Farid’s nephew ‘Faisal Alatrash” is alive and well. He was a well-known producer in Syria before the revolution. I don’t know if he’s still in Syria now or he went with his family somewhere else.

  2. نايف

    اريد الحصوال علي كاسيت وسي دي للفنان فريد الاطرش النسخه الاصليه وين احصل عليه من فضلكم

  3. Aaron Green

    This is Aaron Green from Easy Song Licensing in the US.

    I am trying to obtain sync permission regarding this song copyright:

    Title: “WAYAK WAYAK”
    Composer: Farid El Atrach and Abdel Sallam

    Do you administer this work or are able to give us permission?

    Our client, Jay Sand (US resident), is an independent music teacher who created a program for little kids who uses adaptations of music from different countries to teach them about the world. See https://www.allaroundthisworld.com.
    He is looking for a direct upload to Youtube only and then embed the video on his website – no interest in monetization.

    Jay has a limited budget and wanted to see if he can simply share his Youtube link for the publisher to claim when this goes live in 2019 to avoid a formal sync agreement. However, he is open to the songwriter administration’s preferences.

    An example of of his videos on YouTube:



    Jay’s goals:

    1) Share this training video with teachers (password-protected) — this is most important. Right now, he has just one teacher.
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    Let me know your thoughts.


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